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Architecturalist is an online auction platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and share architecturally significant homes.

Architecturalist connects real estate agents with discerning buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts who appreciate the value of good design. We specialize in significant homes designed by architects, and our curated collection of properties represents some of the most unique and thoughtfully designed homes from the last 100 years.

10289 Oletha Ln, Los Angeles

▲ 44% above Asking Price
▲ 37% over the price of similar non-architectural homes in the area


1139 Abrigo Rd

▲ 109% above Asking Price

Clough House

▲ 53% above Asking Price

The Way We Work

Learn what to expect from working with Architecturalist

Submit Your Listing

Register on our platform and submit your property by providing the needed info.

Get Approved

Our team will study the property to determine if it’s a good fit for Architecturalist.

Marketing Preparation

After the property is approved, we start to prepare the listing for its promotion.

Live Auction

Once the seller approves the listing, it is posted on the site and goes live for 21 days.

Your House Promotion

We work with the seller’s agent to promote the listing to our community across different marketing channels.

Closing Auction

At the end of the auction, we connect the buyer and seller to complete the transaction.

Benefits of working with us

  • Architectural homes are estimated to be sold up to 18% higher than the traditional way;
  • Direct access to your target audience who understands the value of design;
  • Collaboration with our expert marketing team, who work with all sellers to promote listings across inbound and outbound marketing channels.

Our Recent Auction

Check out our last successfully closed online auction which was sold for 26% over the asking price!

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