How it works

  1. An owner or licensed agent submits the listing using the link below to complete our short questionnaire and upload photos.
  2. Our team of auction curators will study the property to determine if it’s a good fit for Architecturalist. What makes it a good fit? See our FAQ.
  3. If the property is approved, Architecturalist begins working with the seller to prepare the listing. We will schedule professional photography and videography, write an engaging listing that showcases the home’s significance, and help determine the reserve price.
  4. Once the seller approves the listing, it is posted to the site and goes live for 21 days.
  5. For the duration of the auction, Architecturalist works with the seller’s agent to market and promote the listing to our community and across all our social media channels, as well as all major real estate platforms and online marketplaces. Each listing also includes a comment thread where the Architecturalist community can discuss the home and direct questions to the seller or agent.
  6. At the end of the auction period, we connect the buyer and seller to complete the transaction.

Submit a Listing

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