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Architecturalist is an online auction platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and share architecturally significant homes. Our listings are crafted to increase offers for sellers and give prospective buyers the most complete information about a property.

Architecturalist connects real estate agents with discerning buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts from around the country who appreciate the value of good design. We specialize in significant homes designed by architects, and our curated collection of properties represents some of the most unique and thoughtfully design homes from the last 100 years. In partnerships with carefully selected real estate agents, we give our community an inside look at homes designed by some of the nation’s greatest architects — from common household names to unsung heroes of the Modern Movement to the most innovative practicing architects of today. Most importantly, we make it easy to make it home.

Modern auctions for today’s architecture enthusiasts.

Architecturalist streamlines the home-buying and selling process with a sleek, intuitive website that invites users to discover new houses, ask questions, and share their thoughts with an informed community of like-minded enthusiasts. Our listings are supported by beautiful photography, immersive videos, and engaging descriptions that showcase each property’s key features and explains its significance. We do everything we can to help buyers connect with their future homes.

Why Architecturalist?

Architecturalist was created in the spirit of modern and contemporary architects who have dreamt of a better future, reimagined the way we live, and strived to make good design accessible to all. The principles that guide so much of their work — openness, transparency, and a connection to nature — also guide the way we think about sharing it. Whether historic or contemporary, many of our listed properties represent profound moments in our shared cultural, political, and architectural history. We built Architecturalist to share those stories and help homeowners write new ones.

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